Works done together with the Dominican state

History of our work done to benefit the country and in conjunction with the Dominican government. We work always coordinated with the Canadian Embassy in Santo Domingo, since its foundation with Ambassador Bruno Itch And Adam Blacker. Since 1998 and the center export investment of the Dominican Republic Cei-Rd since its foundation, with the Ministry of tourism under the direction of Rafael Suberví Bonilla Fello carrying and making investments in the different tourist areas of the country as well as tourism fairs and promotion in Canada.

We also work with Tourism Minister Félix Jiménez "el lucho" in his different administrations, making investments in the tourist areas Organizing events of investment promotions in Canada, in the same way we have worked with the armed forces of the Dominican Republic under the direction de Soto Jiménez, as former representative of Matra, a French company that manufactures armaments and war equipment.

In the same way, we have also worked with the Dominican municipal league in the different administrations, first with kind Aristi Castro, Fidia Aristi and Jhonny Jhon for projects oriented to solid waste solutions, an educational plan for the collection of solid waste, the creation from different landfills nationwide, the creation of a recycling center to separate plastics metals, cardboard, glass and broken materials. With Jhonny Jhon we are managing funds of international philanthropy for the creation of town halls, firehouses, cemeteries, slaughterhouses, funeral homes, schools, parks, among others.

Our work has also gone hand in hand with the National Institute of housing in the different efforts of Mrs. Fernandez and Mr. José Rafael Vargas, as well as with the Minister of the Presidency Serio Grullon. In different projects in particular: The fight against poverty, obtaining huge donations from different donor institutions and the Canadian government.

We work with the overseas ministry, managing to celebrate the first forum of the Dominican abroad, sponsored by pro Dominicana. In the year 2002 Under the direction of Mr. Antonio Torres. We work with the youth ministry of the Dominican Republic, obtaining scholarships and cultural exchange between the Dominican Republic and Canada under the direction of Tony Peña Guaba. We have worked with the ministry of international relations under the direction of Carlos morales trunks. Assisted by Fausto Jaquez director of the cultural department. We have worked with the Ministry of Agriculture under the direction of Almilcar Romero and Eligio Jaquez.

We have worked with the export and investment center of the Dominican Republic since its foundation under the administrations of Danilo del Rosario and Eddie Martínez mansueta, in its different administrations. Always the export and investment center has been the dependence of the Dominican State who have worked on the hand organizing the different agendas for foreigners that we have taken to the country as investors regardless of the Ministry, the direction or the private sector that correspond to the investments in the Cei-RD.