Conference about international bussines.

Mrs. Jacqueline de Genao the honorable ambassador of Canada in Santo Domingo, Hemin wave and Tony Genao, president of the pro-Dominican firm.


Tony Genao, president of Firma pro-Dominican, Piet Petigro, minister of Finance of Canada with the legends of the Canadian hokey.


Tony Genao, with his good friend, Piet Petigro, Minister of Finance of Canada.


Pro-Dominican signature and its president Tony Genao, channel donations for the most needy of the Republic, here you can see part of the donations achieved and delivered to all hospitals nationwide.

Sponsor of the Miss Ethnic Community of Canada contest.


We are proud to receive the prize of the entrepreneurial and entrepreneurial Latin star of the year 2004 in Canada, with great humility in the name of this community and of all Dominicans. Thank you!

Pro-Dominican, travels the country with a group of Canadian businessmen of the Veron international company, with the aim of creating a system to solve solid waste, working together with the municipal league and the main municipalities in collaboration with the minister of migration, Carlos Amarante Baret.

Pro-Dominican celebrates the day of Dominican independence, in this city of Montreal with the artist Sergio Vargas, taking advantage of the moment to make a recognition to this great representative of Dominican art and music.

Tony Genao, President of Pro-Dominican is interviewed by the President of the College of Journalism of Mexico in this city of Montreal, 2006.


Niní Cáffaro, the renowned Dominican artist on his visit to Canada, was invited, businessmen, embassy officials and community leaders.


Pro-Dominican visits the municipal league touring the whole country, visiting all the municipalities with the group of Chinese businessmen interested in wanting a motorcycle brand, the brand was approved and the study was done to know how many engines circulated in the country, in In 2009 there were one million two hundred thousand motorcycles bearing the marks their favorable results.


Pro-Dominican concentrates all the Dominican leadership in the cities of Montreal, Toronto and Otaw, with the aim of obtaining the Dominican vote abroad, thanks to the struggle and tireless effort of the Dominican leadership.

Working hand in hand with the tourism ministry, promotion event held in Montreal Canada, with Minister Fello Suverví Bonilla.


Pro-Dominicana celebrates its fifteen years of existence promoting foreign investment and international commercial advice, promoting the country worldwide to the benefit of the Dominican Republic.

Pro-Dominicana offers mass on the day of the Virgin of Altagracia. Montreal, Canada.


Event photo gallery in conjunction with the export and import center of the Dominican Republic, CEI-RD. Hilton Hotel, Montreal.

We are pleased to show you the photos where we are part of the ethnic leadership of Montreal who work for the campaign of the former prime minister of Quebéc Jean Charest, at the same time the candidate for mayor for the city of Montreal, the companion Mrs. Jaqueline de Genao and William Aguilar to whom we ceded our candidacy for deputy for the liberal party in this city of Montreal.

Being the entrepreneur of the year as an investor, new hotel, in Montreal.

Tony Genao Get an encounter with the Canadian actor Guil du Roy. With the objective of promoting investments for the Dominican Republic since the Canadian actor is married to a Dominican from Río San Juan. Guil. He is a great contributor to the fight against poverty in the Dominican Republic.


Pro-Dominicana organizes business meeting in its hall of events on Ontario Street in Montreal, Fello Suverví, tourism minister also attended by entrepreneurs from all sectors especially in the area of construction, hospitality and finance.

The rector of the university, the UASD, the ambassador of Brazil and the representative of Sichuan metal in the Dominican Republic, offer a dinner to Mr. Tony Genao, for his great contribution to the fight against poverty and for his award as Latin star abroad, also attended, the director of the fight against poverty, the vice chancellor, the local press and other special guests.

Pro-Dominicana in Canada assumes the anti-poverty leadership for North America for the benefit of the Dominican Republic and the neediest.

Pro-Dominicana organizes business meeting at the Montreal merengue festival, offering a cocktail where the host was the Minister of Tourism of the Dominican Republic, Felucho Jiménez, to the cocktail businessmen were invited from all sectors, from Quebéc, Montreal and Otawa, Later in the evening formal meetings were held at the renowned Casa Napoli restaurant in the small Italy of Montreal.