About us


Firma Pro Dominicana is a company dedicated to the promotion of international investments and commercial relations consulting.

With more than 25 years of experience in the business and our main offices located in Montreal Canada and Santo Domingo Dominican Republic, Firma Pro Dominican has a large portfolio of projects carried out in different industries such as tourism, construction, technology, Health, the government sector, among others.



Tony Genao.


Vice President and Operation Director

Jory Bueno.

Vice president operational director.

Special Adviser and Government Affairs

Fausto Jaquez.

Special Adviser and Government Aff airs.

Financial Advisor

Miguel de la Rosa Núñez.

Financial Advisor.


To be the leading company, recognized for quality, operational excellence and continuous innovation, driven by the talent of our people, guided by an excellent business model.


Be the best service provider in the world. To achieve this, we have established a culture that supports the members of our team so that they can provide exceptional service to our clients.


Honesty: That is excellence. If we demand the best, we can give the best. And that a client and an employee see that we offer them something excellent will impel them to stay with us.

Punctuality: Creative people are increasingly valuable to a company, but they demand freedom of thought and creation of ideas..

Responsibility: This value is directly linked to the previous one, but implies greater strength. When someone is passionate about their work and what they do, they spread that passion and energy to others.

Quality: If we show loyal and loyal to our team and our customers, they will return that fidelity.